Blogs and essays are a newer passion of mine. I’ve always been a fiction writer, and found non-fiction so intimidating until I actually tried writing a blog. Oh, and had some talented writer friends I trust give me their thoughts and input—that helped a lot too. Here are a few of my recent blogs.

published May 29, 2020

Life Is Like A Sauna and I’m Sweatin’ Over Here

I turned the freakish timing over and over in my mind that night, on the verge of connecting the dots, not quite ready to assign meaning to the event that had saved my life.[…]

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published April 9, 2020 in a group blog

Worlds Apart and Interconnected-Creativity in the time of Crisis

An hour and fifteen minutes of time isn’t much in my world; a few chapters in a great book, the time I dive into my laptop writing and finally look up, an episode of a binge-able show. But sitting in my apartment, alone, the castle walls I’d been building around my mind was threatened.[…]

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published January 17, 2020

My Quest For Magnetism

I feel so adult sometimes. Like I’m nailing it. Kick ass, beautiful apartment in a seriously expensive, glamorous, desired city? Got it. Fully supporting myself while chasing my dreams of being a professional writer, and pursuing an education that is life changing? You already know.[…]

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